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    Hello,welcome to Hubei Xiangyuan New Material Technology Inc.

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    Ultra thin PE foam series

    XY Ultra thin polyolefin foam for electronics industry: thinnest to 0.07mm with stable properties. Because of its closed cell structure, it is widely used in TFT-LCD, OLED applications for sealing, water-proof, cushioning materials. We also have different type to meet different requirements.


    1. High impact absorption for max. protection of the screen while dropping.

    2. Low compression strength for gap sealing

    3. Good stress distribution property to improve the Moiré

    4. Easy to convert for lamination, die cutting, clean

    5. IPX 7 water-proof grade and compliance with RoHs, REACH.

    Hubei headquarters:Economic&Development Zone,Hanchuan,Hubei,China     Tel:(+86)0712-8285558 ?    
    Fax:(+86)0712-8282558    Main products:Electronic cross-linked polyolefin foam


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