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    Hello,welcome to Hubei Xiangyuan New Material Technology Inc.

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    Free service hotline

    0712-8285558 ?

    Address:Economic&Development Zone,Hanchuan,Hubei,China
    Enterprise public WeChat ID:hbxyxc


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    Sep., 2015:  2nd irradiation production line was put into mass production

    Jun., 2014:  successfully applied Academician workstation

    Jun., 2014:  Dongguan factory was built up

    Dec., 2013:  new office building, apartment, dinning hall and recreation center

    Mar., 2012:  1st irradiation production line was put into mass production

    Oct., 2011:  introducing automotive interiors project

    Oct., 2010:  introduing insulation tube project

    Nov., 2009: enlarge production scale and prepared for irradiation line

    Jun., 2008: Suzhou factory was built up

    Mar., 2008: changed name to “ Hubei Xiangyuan New Material Technology Co.,”  and started the production of IXPE foam

    Mar., 2007: R&D and trial production of cross-linked polyolefin foam

    Hubei headquarters:Economic&Development Zone,Hanchuan,Hubei,China     Tel:(+86)0712-8285558 ?    
    Fax:(+86)0712-8282558    Main products:Electronic cross-linked polyolefin foam


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