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    Hello,welcome to Hubei Xiangyuan New Material Technology Inc.

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    Irradiation Processing

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    Electron beam processing involves irradiation (treatment) of products using a high-energy electron beam accelerator. Electron beam accelerators utilize an on-off technology, with a common design being similar to that of a cathode ray television.

    Electron beam processing is used in industry primarily for three product modifications:

    Crosslinking of polymer-based products to improve mechanical, thermal, chemical and other properties,

    Material degradation often used in the recycling of materials, and

    Sterilization of medical and pharmaceutical goods.

    The cross-linking of polymers through electron beam processing changes a thermoplastic material into a thermoset. When polymers are crosslinked, the molecular movement is severely impeded, making the polymer stable against heat. This locking together of molecules is the origin of all of the benefits of crosslinking, including the improvement of the following properties:

    Thermal: resistance to temperature, aging, low temperature impact, etc.

    Mechanical: tensile strength, modulus, abrasion resistance, pressure rating, creep resistance, etc.

    Chemical: stress crack resistance, etc.

    Other: heat shrink memory properties, positive temperature coefficient, etc.

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