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    Hello,welcome to Hubei Xiangyuan New Material Technology Inc.

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    Address:Economic&Development Zone,Hanchuan,Hubei,China
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    PO Foam

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    PO foam in polyolefin as the main raw material, after electron beam irradiation crosslinking (excluding chemical bridging agent) foam molding high-performance products after processing, and through the eu RoHS standard (no heavy metal and does not contain halogen additives)


    New generation buffer, shockproof, anti-slip, pressure resistant, waterproof, sealing new material.




    > Excellent compression softness


    > High energy absorption and elastic 


    > Closed cell structure, water proof and  excellent seal performance


    > Eco-friendly and non-toxic


    >  Bright color with  thickness from 0.15 to 5.0mm

    Hubei headquarters:Economic&Development Zone,Hanchuan,Hubei,China     Tel:(+86)0712-8285558 ?    
    Fax:(+86)0712-8282558    Main products:Electronic cross-linked polyolefin foam


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